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Karate competitions begin at the Youth Games

On the morning of this Sunday, May 29, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, through the Sports Directorate, began the competitions in the karate discipline at the Managua 2022 Youth Games. 500 athletes from all districts will participate in this combat sport. of Managua and of some departments of the country, who belong to the different academies that are organized in the National Federation of Karate and in the academies of the Municipality.

The opening ceremony was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, Deputy Edwin Castro, Honorary President of the Nicaraguan Karate Federation, and Marlon Leyton Mendoza, President of the Nicaraguan Karate Do Federation.

Vice Mayor Armas stated that this discipline has a greater number of athletes at the national level, "more and more schools are being opened, so that we have more than 6,000 children, youth and adults as well, if there is a sport that has grown in Nicaragua very quickly is karate.”

The competitions began this May and will end in December, the tournaments will be held every two months in three different venues: the IND, the Spain sports center and the Alexis Argüello sports center. All athletes will participate in two modalities: kata and kimute or combat in the male and female categories.

For his part, Marlon Leyton, thanked for the work that has been carried out with the support of the Good Government, "it has been a success because we have had a national championship, always promoting sport to the departments, training, so that their athletes continue raising their technical level, all karate schools have their doors open to receive children, young people aged 4 and up, male and female”.

Among the participants are children between the ages of 5, 6, 7 and 8, who will face the groups in kata and combat. Athletes who are 9 to 10 years old and 11 to 12 years old will fight for male and female ages, coming from the departments of Managua, Masaya, Granada, Rivas, Carazo, León and Chinandega.

While the young people who are in the Sub 15 (includes ages 13 to 14 and 15 years) Sub 17 (16 and 17 years) and the adult category of 18 years and over will fight in the category indicated by their weight.

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