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Municipality trains women entrepreneurs on the occasion of Mother's Day

The City Hall, in coordination with the Managua Municipal Market Corporation (COMMEMA), trained this Saturday, May 28, 50 entrepreneurial mothers in the second-hand clothing trade, with a 4-hour seminar called "Business Mom."

The objective of the training is to empower these women with techniques, theories and tools, to set up a solid and self-sustaining enterprise from their homes, as part of the strategies promoted by Good Government in the dynamism of the local economy, as shared the Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras López.

“As the Mayor’s Office, in tribute to those mothers who are the fundamental engine of our society, we are accompanying these new entrepreneurs to make known what the requirements are for opening their new businesses, how to organize a business, how to manage their finances, they are women who sell second-hand clothes, many of them already have their own businesses, but others today come to learn how they can start it,” said Porras.

He also highlighted that different stores are also participating in this training to offer their services, including Paca Loca and Metro Mart.

"I am interested in starting a business, it is an opportunity that we have in this seminar, because it gives us the guidelines to follow, we have to take risks to get ahead, thanks to the opportunities that our Good Government gives us," said the participant Emily Hurtado.

Throughout the month of May, the Municipality has paid tribute to Nicaraguan mothers, who in addition to playing the role of mothers, are entrepreneurs who daily fight for their dreams and ideals to build and consolidate their own businesses.

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