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Municipality celebrates Mother's Day with pregnant women from eight markets

On the occasion of celebrating this May 30, Nicaraguan mother's day, a symbol of love, dedication and struggle, the Capital Commune paid tribute this Friday, May 27, to all the pregnant mothers who work in the capital's markets, many of them already They have been mothers and others for the first time will have the joy of bringing a new being into this world.

The Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, once again reiterated the commitment of this Good Government to recognize and promote the work and role that the mother plays at the head of each family.

"Today we celebrate Mother's Day with 27 merchant sisters who are pregnant, there are hundreds of women who are still pregnant and come daily to the markets to work and through these compañeras we pay tribute to all of them, to their dedication, their struggle, mothers brave and warriors, who working on their own are the pillar of their families”.

In this celebration the mothers received gifts for the future babies, shared a lunch and a lively cultural revue full of folklore, music and singing.

The guests of honor were 30 pregnant merchants, of which 3 could not be present because they gave birth two days ago.

Azachari Martínez Maradiaga will be a mother for the third time, she sells used clothes in the Mayoreo market and with her work she supports her loved ones.

“I feel happy for this recognition that is given to us mothers who work in the markets, it is a very nice gesture on the part of our Government, since I was a child my mother taught me to work selling and thanks to her, now I can work It is not easy for my daughters to get ahead, but our government gives us support for the women we undertake,” said Martínez.

For her part, Yajaira Fabiola Villanueva will be a mother for the first time and works selling fruits and vegetables in the Israel Lewites market, she said that this recognition is her first Mother's Day act.

“The arrival of my son makes me anxious, I hope that soon I can have him in my arms, I invite all those young mothers who have faith, because we can be mothers and work, thank God we have a government that supports us with different programs so that we can undertake and sustain the various ventures that we develop, we are not alone because we have support and advice in the different programs promoted by our President Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario”.

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