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Popular shopping centers dress in red to celebrate mom with solidarity prices

This weekend in all the markets of the capital, the "Puro Amor de Madre" fair will be held, where products and items will be offered at affordable prices to give to mothers this coming May 30.

The merchants stocked up on merchandise since last month to provide families in the capital with a range of options where they can choose the gift of that special being that unites Nicaraguan families, as reported by the General Manager of COMMEMA, partner Freddy Casco .

"All the merchants who work in the 8 markets of the capital are participating in the "Puro Amor de Madre" fair where you can find gifts to celebrate the Nicaraguan mother, there will also be promotions until May 31, whole families can attend the markets calmly and confidently because there will be security from the Police, since these days 100,000 people arrive at the markets daily”.

Authorities from the Municipality, COMMEMA and the Merchants Association hope that on May 30 the expectations of visits and sales in these popular shopping centers will be met.

“This year we hope to exceed sales, last year 1.2 billion moved and this year we expect to sell 1.5 billion, it is already confirmed that our markets move the country's economy, this model of working with fairs at solidarity prices has worked for us, already He demonstrated it in times of pandemic, we never ran out of supplies and prices were maintained thanks to the political will of our government, led by Commander Daniel and Comrade Rosario,” said Jorge González, president of the Association of Merchants of the Markets of Nicaragua.

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