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Performing artists receive recognition for their hard work

The Nicaraguan puppeteers are celebrating, because the Florentino puppet reached the 36th anniversary of his birth and to celebrate it, the Guachipilín Theater held an award ceremony for institutions and outstanding performing artists, for his long career in the development and strengthening of art. and the national culture, from the various facets such as playwrights, clowns, among others.

This distinction was held at the “Los Muchachos” Gallery, located in Puerto Salvador Allende, and was attended by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who thanked the Guachipilín Puppet Theater for the recognition that was given to the Municipality and for the work they have done for four decades bringing joy and smiles to Nicaraguan children, also reaffirmed the unconditional support of the Good Government to promote healthy entertainment for families.

“Guachipilín is celebrating today the 36 years of one of its main characters, Florentino, but apart from that, it is awarding recognition to institutions, to teachers who have supported them for decades, this has been an enormous job that teacher Gonzalo has done. Cuéllar and Doña Zoa Meza, even in the eighties, took the Guachipilín to the war zone to recreate, to distract and amuse our combatants, members of the army and the Ministry of the Interior in those moments when they needed to clear their heads a bit. Thank God they are still in action."

Armas also announced that every Sunday for the rest of the year, children's theater will be offered in the main room of the Rubén Darío National Theater.

Zoa Meza, a founding member of the theater, expressed her gratitude to the public, specific people, institutions and the media for the support received and that has made this work possible for children, she also highlighted the importance of leaving a legacy in the new generations, so that the world of puppetry continues in the country.

“I believe that Nicaragua is preparing for a new stage and we artists are also preparing ourselves, we are not only going to be medium technicians, but we are going to prepare ourselves to go to university, to find doctorates in puppetry, a master’s degree in the world puppet, because this work, which is fun, entertaining and valuable, is above all educational and therapeutic and all the people need it,” said Meza.

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