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Good Government authorities provide accompaniment and immediate attention to families affected by the rains

Committed to safeguarding the life and safety of families in the capital, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, following instructions from the President, Comandante Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario Murillo, activated the disaster prevention, mitigation and attention system throughout the department of Managua, before the entry of the first tropical wave of this season in Nicaraguan territory.

During the tour of the affected areas last night, Thursday, and today, Friday, May 20, the Secretary of the Municipality, Compañero Fidel Moreno, reported that the overflow of the Eastern riverbed caused damage to the surrounding neighborhoods, including Pedro Arauz Palacios, San Luis, El Edén, María Auxiliadora, Ducualí and some areas of the Oriental market.

“The rain at about 3:40 in the afternoon, it rained for the first time for 40 minutes, very strong, the measurement systems that we have installed in the city reported in this area near the Eastern channel 90 millimeters of rain. water, a lot, the average in the city lasts around 50 millimeters, we are responding immediately with mattresses, blankets, there are 2 houses with semi-damaged roofs, the eastern channel is an issue that we hope to resolve with the expansion of the Juan Pablo II, which provides for the construction of a channel 3 times greater capacity than we currently have, "said Moreno.

Also, immediate attention was given to 6 families from the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood in District VII of the capital, where the families had to be evacuated to safeguard their lives, because the heavy rains caused a wall to collapse, without any human loss. to regret.

This Friday morning, the Secretary of the Commune, announced the general assessment of the damage caused by the rains, with 40 houses flooded in the area of the Eastern channel and the 6 families evacuated in the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood, "what The first thing we are going to do is eliminate the risk, the second thing is the construction of the houses and the most important thing is that we have taken care of life”.

Likewise, he announced that since the first hours, more than 2,000 collaborators of the Mayor's Office of Managua are carrying out cleaning tasks throughout the city, as part of the emergency. In general, the rains caused a lot of garbage, sediment on the roads, 800 tons of garbage in the Eastern channel, which had already been completely cleaned a week ago.

The rains will continue, the capital official recommended the non-circulation of vehicles in places where the streets are completely covered with water, because there may be an open manjol, which can cause an accident, this type of rain saturates the soil, causes the fallen trees and sediment on the roads.

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  1. Grethel Somarriba
    May 23, 2022

    We ask comrade fidel to support us with the construction of the street in the Carlos Marx neighborhood De La Rotonda La Virgen 1 up 7 to the lake behind the curacao we ask for your support since these streets are totally damaged and with the rains it gets worse the taxis don't even want to enter please we ask you to come and also support us with lights since around there are houses there are children around them and many lazy people tend to put there in the dark we ask you Mr. Fidel to come or some committee to support us since they also we suffer from floods in many houses we hope your support and your response.

  2. January 24, 2023

    Good afternoon, dear citizen, we are going to send the case to the corresponding area.


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