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Evangelical churches receive their Property Titles

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, and the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic, Denis Sánchez, delivered this Thursday, May 19, 78 property titles to legal representatives of religious institutions, with which as of today they will be provides legal and emotional security.

“This morning we are joyful, celebrating, smiling from the heart, our Government through this strategy of legalizing the churches is fulfilling the mandate of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, thank God we continue to advance in the restitution of rights of all Nicaraguan brothers and sisters, because we give titles to families and churches, we appreciate the accompaniment, faith and trust of all the brothers in our Good Government, because thanks to their faith, their prayers, we continue to move forward”, said the Mayor Wheel.

Since 2007, the government of President Daniel Ortega began an action plan to legalize the churches that have worked for years in favor of the community and until last year, 575 property titles have been delivered to different denominations of evangelical churches. .

On behalf of the PGR, Deputy Attorney General Sánchez explained that titling is a process that gives churches back legal certainty, that no one will be able to remove the brothers who congregate and all the works that are built such as schools, dining rooms, in These churches are protected and legalized.

"We are going to continue delivering more titles, as more demands arise from other churches, we will respond to that demand, because it is part of the commitment of our Government led by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario," said Sánchez.

For his part, Pastor Sergio Martínez Tinoco, President of the Federation of Evangelical Churches of Nicaragua, explained that in the evangelical congregation there are more than 12,000 churches in Nicaragua and that on Sunday a thanksgiving service will be held in each church that received its property title.

“We are happy and we thank our President and our Vice President for this blessing that we are receiving today, I believe that we are the only country in the world that has the blessing of having a Christian, socialist and supportive government, which actually cares so that we as churches can be legal and continue advancing in this project of Nicaragua for Christ”.

The Evangelical Churches that received their titles are from Managua, Boaco, Masaya, León, Estelí, Granada, Carazo, Rivas, Chinandega, and El Rama.

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