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Decent Housing Program changes the lives of two elderly mothers in the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood

Mrs. Juana Rosalía Velli Delgado and Amparo Piedad Marenco Sáenz, both elderly mothers, are the new protagonists of the Decent Housing Program, they and their families live in the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood of District III.

During the delivery ceremony of the new houses, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, shared with the residents of the neighborhood that through this social program, the Sandinista Government has built a total of 13 homes in this neighborhood.

"Our Good Government continues to work to transform the lives of families in vulnerable situations and that is possible thanks to the permanent commitment of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, to lead Nicaraguan families through new routes of restitution of rights," said Rueda. .

Doña Juana Rosalía recalled that her previous home had a large number of holes in the roof and she had to keep putting buckets inside the house, “but today I thank the Lord, Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario that that torment was left behind. ”.

Likewise, Mrs. Amparo Piedad, 72 years old, who benefited from another home, had the same problem as in the rains, her house was totally wet and worse still, her house is on the edge of a river, "but God It gave me the opportunity to now have this decent little house and this was the dream of General Augusto C. Sandino, that we all live well and that was taken up by Commander Daniel Ortega”.

Rueda stressed that the building admiration in this neighborhood has been working since 2009, on road projects, storm drainage in which a little more than 10 million córdobas have been invested and for this year 2022, through the Annual Investment Plan ( PIA) in District III, 15 projects will be executed, with an estimated investment amount of 25 million córdobas”.

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