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Municipality celebrates 50 years of foundation of Taekwondo in Nicaragua

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua together with the Taekwondo Federation of Nicaragua (FETANIC), held this Friday, May 13, an act in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Taekwondo Foundation in the country.

The Secretary of the Council of Mangua, Jennifer Porras López, was present at the event, who highlighted the accompaniment provided by the Municipality by creating the infrastructure conditions for young people to train and develop their skills and abilities in this martial art.

“For us it is very significant, because we are within these 16 academies at the national level. We feel very proud to be able to accompany this great achievement that has been promoted in our country for 50 years, a discipline in which values are strengthened,” said Porras.

He also reaffirmed once again the commitment to continue supporting youth and thanked the families present at the event, because they strongly support the athletes and for their trust in this revolutionary project promoted by Good Government.

Mr. Ricardo Esteban Hoozky Lizano, was decorated with a recognition for being the pioneer of taekwondo in Nicaragua, expressed his satisfaction, pride and admiration at the boom that this discipline has had in Nicaraguan youth, "it is impressive to see the number of schools that have been formed, I started with 10 students and I never thought that the seed that was being sown in that land, was so fertile in the year 72”.

Hoozky highlighted that there is a lot of capacity, enthusiasm and dedication in the students, which allows Nicaragua to be on the verge of obtaining great achievements in Olympic medals.

The sports celebration included the participation of 16 taekwondo academies nationwide, the presence of 100 athletes, 40 coaches and 25 referees, and awards were given to personalities who support the development of this discipline, as well as to outstanding athletes and coaches in this sport.

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