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Contest for the cleanest and most beautiful park in Managua begins

During the morning of this Thursday, May 12, the contest "the cleanest and most beautiful park in Managua" was launched, promoted by Good Government through INIFOM and the Mayors of Citizen Power, with the aim of updating the activities that are carried out in these spaces, give them more life and achieve the role of families in the actions implemented by the municipalities in each one, promoting care and maintenance.

“We are very excited, but above all committed because the orientation has been that at the national level families enjoy these spaces, that they are in optimal conditions, that is why we are promoting the contest of our parks, where families have always been involved, as well that they are the main protagonists,” said the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

The Departmental Delegate of INIFOM, Elieth Esquivel, stated that as a central government a recreation and leisure strategy is proposed for a culture of peace; also, in this sense, the Municipal Governments join this national strategy through the maintenance of beautiful recreational, sports and cultural spaces, in the month of May it corresponds to this contest of the most beautiful park”.

Part of the parameters to take into account is the ornamentation, the cleanliness at the time of the visit, the painting in general, the children's games and the most important component is how the population is activated to the initiative of the municipal mayors in each one of country parks.

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