Good Government awards titles to Collective Urban Transport Cooperatives

Following up on the guidelines of the Sandinista Government, the authorities of the Attorney General's Office delivered 21 Property Titles to the same number of cooperatives of the Urban Collective Transport of Managua, on the morning of this Thursday, May 12, as part of the restoration of the rights of all to property.

The handover was presided over by the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic, Denis Sánchez, comrade Francisco López, Minister Advisor to the President of the Republic, the Secretary General of the Municipality, Fidel Moreno Briones, and the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Transport, Amaru Ramírez, who They shared that only the government of the People's President has worked for the well-being of Nicaraguans, guaranteeing with this delivery greater legal security to carriers who for many years hoped to be part of this benefit.

“The title guarantees them security, they will no longer be disturbed in possession. This is part of the great task that the government has been implementing since 2007, now it is up to the transportation sector to restore property rights,” said Deputy Attorney General Sánchez.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Commune, affirmed that since the arrival of the government of Comandante Daniel, enormous efforts have been made to modernize and improve the quality of transportation in Managua, with the delivery today to the cooperatives, already owners of their establishments. , they can make investments with more confidence.

“We have better facilities, workshops, maintenance conditions, transportation assistance, monitoring, practically in all the buses in Managua, GPS that help you locate the routes, investments that aim to improve the conditions of the vehicles. Soon they will be delivering to other departments and work continues to improve transport conditions in general," said Moreno.

He highlighted the different efforts made to guarantee the renewal of the bus fleet, the fare subsidy that has been maintained at 2.50 córdobas to benefit more than 800,000 users in the capital, and the fuel cost subsidy in recent years. weeks, guided by the Good Government for the tranquility and stability of Nicaraguans.

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