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The capital's commune carries out renovation works in the San Ignacio park

The municipal authorities delivered the morning of this Wednesday, May 11, to the families of the San Ignacio neighborhood of District III, the renovation and beautification works carried out in the community park, this project is part of the Annual Investment Plan, the work of the common good aims to create spaces for family recreation.

The Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, attended the inauguration, who explained that this year more than one hundred parks will be served, through the special plan that guarantees healthy fun with an amount of 5 million córdobas.

“Among the works that were carried out in the park we have the restoration and maintenance of the perimeter fence, children's games, all the garbage baskets, we restored all the benches, 120 meters of platforms were built in the gym area and we repaired all the lights , the works have an investment of a little more than 600 thousand córdobas”, detailed Rueda.

Gloria Esperanza López, an inhabitant of the place, thanked the Municipality and the government of President Daniel for the rehabilitation of the park.

"We are happy with this beautification of our park, here all the children of the neighborhood come, the old people to walk, the park was super nice and well lit, these works are only possible thanks to our President, since he came to power, life in the neighborhoods changed,” said López.

These remodeling of the San Ignacio park benefit 300 protagonist families, since they use this point to carry out all the health fairs.

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