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Elderly adults happily receive the keys to their Decent Housing on their birthday month

At 70 years old, José Vidal López Tórrez received his new home, located in the Villa Reconciliación Sur neighborhood of District VI, as a great birthday present, thanks to the efforts and work articulated by the Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of Power Citizen of Managua.

The protagonist and his family made up of two people, is retired and never imagined that at his age he would see his longing for so many years fulfilled, he shared that he had difficult times due to the terrible conditions in which his previous home was located.

“Today I thank God above all things, President Daniel Ortega, Compañera Rosario Murillo for having made that dream come true that I wanted so much, I feel happy, grateful, I lived in a little house that that little tremor that occurred recently, almost I threw it away, now I feel safe, it was a great gift because I just turned 70, "said López.

The official delivery of the keys was carried out by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who announced that the Villa Reconciliación Sur neighborhood has 1,599 inhabitants, divided into 395 families, and since 2009 the Municipality has carried out works road improvement, storm drainage, construction of vehicular bridges, inlet covers, with an investment of more than 64 million córdobas.

“We have the opportunity to accompany Don José Vidal with a Dignified Housing, who has already lived in this neighborhood for 22 years and in his 70 years has been one of the most beautiful gifts, because the conditions in which his home was found were a very vulnerable critical social state,” said Porras.

 With the Decent Housing program, a total of 19 homes have been built in this neighborhood, including today's, benefiting an equal number of families, who were at high risk and who today are in completely optimal and safe conditions.

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