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Managua culminates Regional Workshop on Innovation, Creative Industry and Technology Development

With the aim of promoting creative innovation and technological development in new businesses in the country, the Good Government of the President People through the Mayor's Office of Managua, INATEC and the accompaniment of the National Commission for Creative Economy held the regional workshop "Startup Day”, aimed at entrepreneurs in the capital, on the morning of this Tuesday, May 10, in the Parque de las Madres.

Startup Day is a Coordination Session for Regional Workshops on Innovation, Creative Industry and Technology Development, it is aimed at teams of technology enthusiasts who are part of the Incubation and Acceleration Program, in addition to local entrepreneurs.

 “From the Mayor's Office of Managua we are accompanying 35 entrepreneurs in the field of technology, who come to strengthen and carry out unity work, in alliance with the different expressions related to digital businesses. For us, having here the participation of all those who represent the Creative Economy commissions, from the districts, is of great importance since they have been strengthening each of these enterprises; They have also been accompanying in conjunction with the National Commission for Creative Economy, which is a commission that has been guided by our Good Government on the issue of the Orange Economy., on the subject of innovation, on the subject of strengthening all these young entrepreneurs in technological matters”, explained the Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras López, during this last workshop.

The official shared that among the participants are UAM students who are already small entrepreneurs, as well as from different districts, with the aim of strengthening the skills and knowledge of the protagonists of the Incubation and Acceleration program. In addition to the methodologies to emphasize and devise new solutions for business through coworking tools.

Coworking spaces are shared offices that are mostly professionals who do not need more than a laptop, a telephone and a good internet connection to be able to carry out their work: programmers, designers, managers of online communities, journalists, commercials, consultants. .

Humberto González, Secretary of Creative Economy, announced that they are accompanying the young people in this last workshop, which took tours of Carazo, Juigalpa and are ending in Managua.

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