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Capital markets ready to celebrate Mother's Day

The eight Managua markets are prepared and supplied to celebrate Nicaraguan Mothers' Day on May 30, as reported by the municipal authorities and the Merchants' Association during a tour of the Oriental market, on the morning of this Friday, May 6.

Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Capital Council, confirmed that in addition to the markets being supplied for sales, they are also preparing to create the necessary conditions to guarantee citizen security, free access and good road traffic.

“All our merchant brothers are ready to receive and offer the families of the capital a present to honor the Nicaraguan mother, we are all working together to guarantee safety when buying, we are also guaranteeing road maintenance, in the case of the Mercado Oriental has been repaved a little more than 23 blocks and a new storm drain was built to prevent flooding at the lowest points, all this is possible with the Annual Investment Plan and the Winter Plan”, stressed Porras.

This season, thanks to the tribute to the Nicaraguan mother, thousands of people are expected to visit the capital's markets daily, as reported by comrade Freddy Casco, general manager of the Managua Municipal Market Corporation (COMMEMA).

"We are prepared in all the popular shopping centers to receive 60 thousand people daily, the merchants are guaranteeing a complete assortment and good price promotions to ensure the gift for being as special as the mother is," assured Casco.

To guarantee the security of the markets, the surveillance groups are working in coordination with the National Police, so that visitors can pass with peace of mind, said Carlos Barberena, security coordinator of this crowded market.

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