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Pedro Joaquín Chamorro neighborhood opens 3 blocks of hydraulic concrete

Families from the Pedro Joaquín Chamorro neighborhood located in District IV, celebrated this Thursday, May 5, the progress of the improvement of their streets with the construction of 3 blocks of hydraulic concrete through the Calles para el Pueblo Program.

The road work had an investment of 1,500,683.50 córdobas and directly benefits more than 1,000 inhabitants, as reported by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado during the inauguration and delivery to the community.

"We are moving forward and today we applaud, we appreciate this celebration of the community that came together to thank God for this work that comes to change and transform their lives, they are alternate streets that come to serve as communication with other neighborhoods," said Rueda.

Likewise, the capital official highlighted that this emblematic street program has a scope to date of 53.67 percent for a total of 447 blocks delivered and 59 projects executed.

For their part, the residents were happy and grateful for the executed project, which will allow them better road and pedestrian circulation, as expressed by the protagonist Ángela Olivas, “thank God and our President for the new streets, because they were destroyed, from that we came here 40 years ago, it is the first time that they improve them, we will be able to travel without problems”.

"The entire population should feel better than ever, because the truth is that we do not have this progress every day, only with the Good Government have we had this future with our platforms and we are always moving forward," said Mr. Martín Parra.

In this neighborhood of the capital, from 2010 to date, an amount of more than 7,200,000 córdobas has been invested in projects for the common good, for the well-being of the more than 691 families that live in this part of Managua.

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