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Family of Villa Austria receives a new home thanks to the Solidarity Housing Program

Reaching more families in vulnerable conditions, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, through the Decent Housing Program, built a comfortable and safe house for the protagonist Rafael Orlando Jarquín Tercero, a resident of Villa Austria in District VII of the capital.

Jarquín along with his wife and two children for many years had difficult times with the arrival of winter and today they thanked the Good Government for the solidarity gesture of transforming their lives, “thanks to God, Commander and Compañera Rosario, my dream came true , after 36 years, because I was born here, my father is 11 years old and he passed away and now I live with my wife and my two children, the water will no longer leak, because my house was all made of zinc, I managed with fastyl covering the holes, now this winter I am going to spend quietly”, said the beneficiary.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who affirmed that families continue to be dignified and thanked once again for the trust in being able to serve them, "we see the expressions of love, of gratitude, thanking God for the strength of our Good Government, we are assisting and delivering this work, accompanying the families”.

Through the Decent Housing Program in this neighborhood a total of 3 new homes have been built, including today's, benefiting the same number of families.

Villa Austria has 2,600 inhabitants and the Municipality has carried out various projects, including the installation of pedestrian bridges, road improvements, control and eradication of illegal dumps, as well as the improvement of the baseball field.

For this year 2022, through the Annual Investment Plan (PIA) in District VII, 30 million 800 thousand córdobas will be invested with which they will execute 19 projects, of these, 5 projects are major works and 14 minor works projects.

With the Calles para el Pueblo 2022 Program, an investment of 19 million 998 thousand 742.95 córdobas will be made in the construction of 35 blocks with asphalt and will benefit 7 neighborhoods including Villa Libertad Annex, Enrique Smith, Xolotlán Views, Arlen Siu, Villa Fraternity, Villa Revolution and Laureano Mairena.

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