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Communal cleaning day and Plan Calache in the Villa Dignidad Urbanization

In commemoration of World Earth Day that was celebrated on April 22 and to promote environmental education, the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power of Managua held a cleanup day in the three stages of Villa Dignidad, located in District VI. This is the second day that the Commune carries out from the Environment Department.

The families of Villa Dignidad and the neighborhood environmental brigade participated this Saturday, April 30, in Plan Calache, getting rid of all useless items that can cause problems, mainly during the rainy season.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, joined this cleaning day and mentioned that it is a constant practice of the Municipality, added to the awareness of the communities.

“The families are very grateful, because there are things that the truck does not take. Today we are walking with a tractor that is going to take away all the things that are not used, this is a conservation effort to protect Mother Earth, we were recently celebrating April 22, that is why we are on permanent days”, explained Rueda .

For Elvira del Carmen Martínez, the calache plan is a day that demonstrates the concern of the authorities to maintain cleanliness in the communities.

“What they are doing seems very good to me, because we can see that they care about us and now that winter is coming, we will no longer see so many mosquitoes because we are eliminating the breeding sites,” Martínez said.

Juana de Dios López, also a resident of the area, assured that diseases are prevented this way, “it is good that they worry so that we do not get sick, it is a great work that they are doing, in no other government has this been seen, only in the Government of Comandante Daniel and we all thank him because he cares and our compañera Rosario Murillo also thanks him”, said the lady who had prepared the things that she was going to get rid of.

With this calache plan, the Municipality evacuated 30 cubic meters of waste from the three stages of the neighborhood and the next Jordanian clean-up will be carried out in Ciudad Belén.

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