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Mercado Iván Montenegro stocked and with attractive discounts to celebrate mom

A few days before the beginning of the month of May, the merchants of the Iván Montenegro market start with the fair of discounts and promotions in celebration of the Nicaraguan Mother's Day.

Freddy Casco, General Manager of the Municipal Market Corporation of Managua COMMEMA, toured the sections of this popular store on the morning of this Friday, April 29, and confirmed that they are packed with products, so that Nicaraguans can acquire the ideal gift for mother to solidarity prices, "it is time for families, children to approach all markets in Managua, where they will find all quality products and accessible to the Nicaraguan people."

The clothing merchant Jessica Méndez, recalled that only in the markets the prices of the products are adapted to the client's budget, "there are pants in all sizes and colors, from 450 to 600 córdobas and blouses of different styles, in sizes from the S to the XL and the prices also vary from 280 to 380 córdobas, come to the Iván Montenegro market, we have the best offers here”, he affirmed.

Doña Francisca Rivas is another merchant who has great sales expectations for this month of May and is already prepared with personalized cushions and mugs alluding to her mother, portraits, arrangements, handbags and a wide variety of merchandise to surprise the queen of the home. .

For his part, Mr. Narciso José Flores Sánchez from the Gran Éxito store thanked the Good Government authorities for the great promotion they are doing to boost the country's economy and that merchants can offer their products at low costs.

During the tour, the municipal official announced that, in order to guarantee better environmental security for merchants and buyers, cleaning, order and security are carried out every day in all the markets of Managua, thanks to the inter-institutional coordination with the Associations of Merchants, Police and the Ministry of Health.

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