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Residents of Colonia Maestro Gabriel satisfied with the improvement of their streets and platforms

For several years 400 families of the historic Colonia Maestro Gabriel waited to see their new streets, today thanks to the Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua they were benefited with the paving of 4 blocks of asphalt, 2 of concrete and 80 meters linear on pedestrian platforms, reaching more dignified and safe streets in this area of District IV of the capital.

This work, which had an investment of 1 million 883 thousand 133 córdobas, brings well-being to 1,077 inhabitants, who will stop suffering from the deteriorated roads and will not have to dodge holes or puddles in the rainy season.

Don Eloy Carrión stated that the residents needed to improve their streets and now they are responsible for taking care of the new platforms, "that is a sign that our government cares about the situations of the neighborhoods and this neighborhood had a long time that it was not attended”.

"Very happy, because the street was ugly, now the kids go out to play, we are grateful to God, the President and Compañera Rosario Murillo for what they are doing, the streets are very beautiful," said protagonist Martha González.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by comrade Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, who stated that one of the families' demands has been met, "this program has managed to penetrate each of the most remote neighborhoods of Managua, with With that commitment, we are going to continue working with those plans and strategies that our Good Government executes through the mayors' offices”.

Colonia Maestro Gabriel from 2010 to 2021 has received road improvement projects on streets and platforms, renovation of parks, among other progress works that add up to an investment of 8.1 million cordobas.

For this year with the Annual Investment Plan 2022, the Municipality plans to carry out 11 district projects in District IV, with an amount of 15 million córdobas, in road and storm drainage works.

To date, the Streets for the People Program has advanced 53.67 percent, with 59 projects and 447 blocks executed in the different districts of Managua.

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