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Tribute to Nicaraguan artists on International Art Day

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, in coordination with the Municipal Commission for the Creative Economy, paid tribute to Nicaraguan artists in commemoration of the International Day of Art, which was celebrated on April 15.

The tribute was celebrated with a cultural and artistic gala presided over by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, fellow Humberto González, director of Creative Economy and Orange, the president of the Association of Dance Artists, Iván Alí Escobar, where He gave recognition to outstanding artists in the categories of dance, plastic arts, theater, photography and muralists.

“We are proud as a Municipality, it is a national strategy to promote and strengthen the art and culture of our country, which are now accompanied through the different institutions and as Mayor on April 15 we were celebrating the International Art Day, we As Nicaraguans, we have a lot to celebrate and the unconditional support that our Government has given to the different artists in all categories,” declared Mayor Reyna Rueda.

Among the artists who were awarded for their career are: Irene López Gloria Bacon, Salvador Espinoza, Clemente Guido, Wilmor López, Ramón Rodríguez, Eduardo Martinica, Ariel Aguirre, Roxana Lacayo and Donaldo Aguirre.

The Nicaraguan Academy of Dance, the National Theater School, the Managua Mayor's Brigade of Muralists and the Guachipilín puppet theater were also awarded.

For his part, comrade Iván Alí Escobar added that art continues to be made, “we are always promoting the training and promotion of dance in Nicaragua and today we feel happy to be receiving this recognition that is for all artists, dancers, directors and choreographers of the country”.

Starting April 15, Creative Month will be celebrated as part of a national strategy to promote a creative economy and cultural industry.

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