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Asphalt coating in progress in neighborhood B-15

The Secretary General of the Capital Commune, Compañero Fidel Moreno Briones, made a visit to the road improvement project through asphalt coating in the B-15 neighborhood, in District VI of Managua, on the morning of this Wednesday, April 20.

“One more Streets for the People program, practically placing the final folder and finishing an additional project, which is almost 5 blocks, with an investment that exceeds one and a half million córdobas, we are completing 447 total blocks, reaching almost 54 percent of program progress.

Streets for the People represents the best living conditions for families, contributing that there is less mud and dust, that there are new commercial areas, that there is a better garbage collection service, police patrol, Red Cross, being a comprehensive program.

The work for the common good will directly benefit 3,924 inhabitants of this sector of Managua, guaranteeing a passable and accessible road network, which will be ready in the next 24 hours, Moreno said.

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