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Capital authorities supervise road improvement in the Segovia neighborhood

The Municipality continues with the execution of works in different neighborhoods of the capital, as stated by the Secretary General, Comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, on the morning of April 13, during a supervision visit to the road improvement project in the Segovia neighborhood of the District SAW.

"In this neighborhood we are developing a Streets for the People program, practically ending with the placement of the pavement folder of 8 total blocks, with an investment that exceeds 3 million córdobas," Moreno reported.

He also highlighted that with this work, 429 blocks of the Calles para el Pueblo Program for the year 2022 are completed, of the 833 that are initially planned, reaching 51 percent and it is expected to be above 60 percent by the end of April. .

With the development of this work, more than 6 thousand inhabitants of this sector are directly benefited and indirectly more than 15 thousand protagonists, who thanked the Good Government for guaranteeing them better access, progress and health.

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