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The works of the Winter Plan in the Capital advance

On Monday, April 11, Comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, General Secretary of the Municipality, supervised the progress of the bridge box construction project in the Enrique Smith neighborhood, a work that is part of the 2022 Winter Plan.

The project contemplates the construction of a vehicular bridge, the lining of the slopes of the channel and the paving of 3 blocks of streets, which will form part of a new road corridor, which will connect Districts V and VII, in the neighborhoods May 11 and 13 and Enrique Smith respectively; in addition to connecting 127 homes in the Enrique Smith neighborhood to the capital's water and sanitation system.

“It really is an integral work in three important neighborhoods in that area of Managua, on the one hand it facilitates vehicular traffic, because we are also lining 3 new streets of Calles para el Pueblo, we are doing protection works on the riverbed to reduce the vulnerability of families and sanitation works that also aim to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of this community”, Moreno highlighted.

This common good project has an investment of 13.6 million córdobas, not including the sanitation works that will be expanded, exceeding 15 million córdobas and is expected to be completed in 30 days of work.

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