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Managua markets ready with the summer discount fair

With great expectations of sales in the Holy Week, the merchants of the 8 capital markets announced a fair of discounts and summer promotions in all the products of the season, so that families safely visit any of the popular centers and make their purchases at solidarity prices.

This announcement was made known from the Israel Lewites market, where the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, made his usual visit to verify the supply of products and the dynamism in sales, as part of the direct communication with the merchants that he promotes. the Good Government.

“We are very happy in the Israel Lewites market where this weekend we will have excellent sales, the fires are already breaking today, from 5:00 in the afternoon the holidays begin and all the capital markets are going to register very good sales in this weekend before Easter in which a lot of shorts, a lot of shorts, slippers, t-shirts, bathing suits, towels, caps, everything that is taken to the spas of the country are sold, "said the mayor of the capital.

Armas highlighted the movement in the sales of plastic pools, for families who enjoy vacations from home, as well as in the sale of pottery such as sardines, tuna, among other precooked foods.

The capital official also reminded families that they must abide by the recommendations of the Ministry of Health (MINSA) to apply sanitary hygienic measures and the National Police to drive carefully and without having ingested liquor.

Petrona Osorio Martínez, markets products extracted from the sea and offers affordable prices for red snapper, lobster, mackerel, fish head, gaspar, punches, squid, octopus and shrimp that range from 160 to 230 cordobas per pound depending on size.

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