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Capital authorities present scope of the 2022 Winter Plan

On the morning of this Friday, April 08, the Secretary General, Comrade Fidel Moreno, visited the lining of the Domitila Lugo channel in District IV, a storm drainage project that is part of the 122 works of the Winter 2022 Plan, with an investment that exceeds the 188 million cordobas.

During this supervision visit, the official from the capital explained that this work represents the fourth and final stage of the riverbed lining, which is expected to be completed in 4 weeks.

“One of the most important riverbeds in the city of Managua, in the Domitila Lugo neighborhood where we have carried out 7 drainage works, street improvements, relocation of families settled on the banks of the riverbed and thanks to the expansion they have been relocated and eliminate this critical point in the city of Managua,” Moreno explained.

Likewise, he reported that in this channel Domitila Lugo is completing the lining after 4 stages, which began in 2016, which includes a section 7 meters wide, with a large volume of water that gives families peace of mind. , work that allows expanding the drainage system of the upper parts of Managua.

The municipal authorities announced that the Winter Plan 2022 takes a global advance of the 52% and comprises three components. The first is the construction of works that have an advance of compliance 35% (Cauce Domitila Lugo, La Primavera, Villa Libertad, among other drainage works), a second is the cleaning of storm drainage that is advancing in a 70%, (microdams , gutters, grates, manjoles, manholes) and the third component is the update of the critical points of the city that have been reduced from 133 to 57.

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