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Streets for the People advances with asphalt coating project in the Jocote Dulce region

During the morning of this Thursday, April 07, the Secretary General of the Capital District, Compañero Fidel Moreno Briones, visited the Asphalt Coating Road Improvement Project in the Jocote Dulce region, in District I of the Capital.

“In this area of Managua we are developing a Streets for the People Program, which for this year includes 833 blocks. In this region we have 10.5 blocks that already allows us to have a little more than 2 kilometers fully covered from the road to the Jocote Dulce region,” Moreno reported.

Likewise, he announced that this emblematic program has 103 projects, with an investment that exceeds 850 million córdobas and so far has a significant scope, with 50 completed projects and 350 blocks for 42 percent progress.

The 10.5 blocks have an investment of 5.5 million córdobas and will directly benefit 3,629 inhabitants that make up 700 families in this sector of Managua, which, in addition to contributing to improving their conditions and that of their surroundings, will also guarantee a passable road network. and accessible.

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