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Family from the Jorge Salazar neighborhood benefited from Solidarity Housing

The Decent Housing Program benefited the protagonist Ana del Socorro Díaz, who is a mother and father to her children at 57 years old, works in a free zone and for 30 years has dreamed of having a nice and safe house for her children. In the new home of the Díaz family will live 3 adults and 2 children who, as of today, leave behind the vulnerability, danger and anguish that they experienced every time it rained.

When handing over the house to its new protagonists, the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, confirmed that this is house number 13 being built by the housing program in the Jorge Salazar neighborhood, which has 2,586 inhabitants.

“Today, thanks to God, we have one more family that comes out of vulnerability, our protagonist is one of the founders of the neighborhood and for years she has worked to get her family forward, today thanks to the political will of Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario el Decent Housing Program transforms the lives of 5 people”, said Porras.

During the delivery of the house, Porras shared with the residents that this year the Municipality, through the Annual Investment Plan (PIA) for District VI, will invest 24 million córdobas in 16 projects in the area of roads, storm drainage and sanitary drainage.

For her part, Ana Rebeca Díaz, daughter of the beneficiary, explained that every year in the winter they suffered, because the water got into the house made of zinc.

“I feel happy, when it rains we will no longer suffer, here all the neighbors were witnesses of the trouble we experienced every time it rained because the water got in everywhere, and President Daniel has been the only President who has been concerned for the families that live in bad conditions,” said Díaz.

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