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Road development for families in the Vista al Xolotlán neighborhood

With the presentation of rhythmic bands and folkloric dances, the residents of the Vista al Xolotlán neighborhood, in District VII of Managua, celebrated that the Municipality concluded a road improvement of 4 blocks of asphalt coating through the Streets for the People Program.

The new project guarantees better road access to 786 families, which make up 4,216 inhabitants of the neighborhood, the work had an investment cost of 2,600,000 córdobas and with this delivery, the street program achieves an advance of more than 37 percent, which represents 314 improved blocks, of the 833 streets that are projected to be served in this year 2022.

The Mayoress of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, presided over the opening ceremony and thanked the families for their trust in Good Government, "Today we are happy to hand over these 4 blocks to the families, but in another area of Vista al Xolotlán, we will also be delivering in the next few days a road improvement project and also a bridge box that we are going to be carrying out in this sector”.

Similarly, Rueda added that in this neighborhood the Municipality has invested a little more than 33 million córdobas in storm drainage, water and sanitation projects and the delivery of 23 homes to the same number of families, he also explained that for this year will continue to bring well-being to Managua with more progress works, only in District VII 50 million córdobas will be invested.

“We are extremely grateful to our Good Government, to the Mayor of Managua for this achievement, because this has really been a dream that we have waited for years and until now with a government committed to the population, it is worth emphasizing the People President and when we ask ourselves where our taxes are, we can say here they are in these works that are seen every day not only in Managua, but throughout Nicaragua,” said resident Carolina Aguirre Cardoza.

Yudely López, is another happy beneficiary, who highlighted that the new work allows vehicles to enter the neighborhood and the inhabitants can move around without problems, “here we no longer had a street, it was a riverbed, large streams were made with garbage, until the President benefited us with these streets that give us access to walk”.

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