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New home for a humble family from the Villa Holanda neighborhood

The Decent Housing Program continues to provide assistance to families who are in a situation of critical social emergency, on this occasion, the benefit reached the protagonist Marina Azucena López, 54 years old, and her family made up of 4 people, who As of this Wednesday, March 30, they will live safely in their new home, located in the Villa Holanda neighborhood in District III of Managua.

The protagonist stated that for 23 years she lived in precarious conditions, in a zinc and wooden house that was already rotten by the rains and only the Sandinista Government could help her in her need.

“First of all I thank God who is the giver of life and is the one who always keeps us, I also want to thank the President, the Vice President and the Mayor who in some way are always present in the neighborhoods to help those in need, I thank you very much for the house they gave me, I am in love with my house, I like my house and thank you from the bottom of my heart”, said the beneficiary excitedly.

The official handover ceremony for this new home was attended by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who announced that in Villa Holanda, the Decent Housing Program has improved the living conditions of 6 families with the construction of safe houses.

“These are the projects of love promoted by our Good Government, programs that were created to care for families who have lived for years in vulnerability, which, thank God, are fewer every day, due to those strategies led by our Commander Daniel and the Vice President Compañera Rosario”, she concluded.

He added that Villa Holanda is a critical point where the Municipality has executed projects with significant investments, which has reduced the danger and improved conditions for 143 families, more than 700 inhabitants.

This year the Municipality has scheduled an investment of 43 million córdobas, for the execution of storm drainage and road improvement projects focused on resolving the vulnerability of these critical points.

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