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Capital city commune rehabilitates park and court of the Cruz del Paraíso region

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, once again complying with the community, through the delivery of improved public spaces for children, adolescents, as well as families, rebuilt the park and field of the Cruz del Paraíso region, in District I of the capital.

The renovation of this space had an investment of 1 million 500 thousand córdobas and directly benefits 826 inhabitants, distributed in 165 families in this sector.

Among the works carried out is the construction of platforms, installation of perimeter mesh, children's games, concrete benches, lights, supply and application of artistic paint to children's plastic games, reported the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during the delivery of the work

“One more space for family recreation, all the policies and strategies of our Good Government is to bring that well-being to families, this area was a garbage dump, this is the first stage that we are carrying out, there was only the part of the field, all the The community had asked for it for years and now a miracle has been performed for us, with the commitment to keep it clean,” added Rueda.

The residents were very grateful for all the development works carried out in their region, "we thank God and our Good Government for the improvements that he has made in the community, the truth here was a practically abandoned place, with this park the children will be able to enjoy themselves in a healthy way, it is a blessing”, expressed the protagonist Julio Martínez.

Also the children Erick Romero and Sair Juárez, said they feel happy because they will be able to recreate playing sports, before they used to play on the block and today they already have a new field to entertain themselves.

For this year 2022, 171 parks, courts and sports fields will be rehabilitated throughout the municipality, as part of the rehabilitation and renovation works of the 315 existing public spaces in Managua and that are improved through the Ornato Directorate in the 315 spaces public.

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