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Merchants of the Carlos Roberto Huembes market prepared for the summer season

With great enthusiasm, the merchants of the Huembes market announced the offers and discounts on all their products and from now on they are preparing to receive Holy Week with fruits, vegetables, meats, clothing and footwear for the season, always keeping solidarity prices within reach of the pocket. of capital families.

During the tour of this shopping center, comrade Freddy Casco, General Director of the Municipal Market Corporation of Managua (Commema), announced that the 8 municipal markets are fully supplied and in this sector the construction of three galleries, to improve conditions for merchants and provide greater security and confidence to visitors.

“A warehouse is going to be built here, to protect the men and women who sell outdoors and it is going to measure 4 meters wide by 60 meters long, we are going to locate around 45 to 50 merchants, in the southern part We will also build another warehouse and another warehouse in the west sector,” said Casco.

He also assured that the conditions of the bus terminal will be improved, 10 domes of the other galleries and maintenance of the gutters will be changed, which estimates a general investment in this capital market of 8 million córdobas.

The animated merchants invited families to make their summer purchases in these popular centers, “here we have family pools, for children, adults, inflatables at favorable prices, from 450, 650 and 1,000 cordobas, the largest at 10 thousand cordobas ”, reported the merchant Ana Vilma Mena.

Mercedes de Jesús García, a fruit and vegetable merchant, called for them to purchase their purchases to prepare the syrup and to take to the beach, "we have fresh fruit, jocotes, mangoes, watermelons, oranges, we have sweet, pineapple, bananas, We come from Masaya and we are waiting for you with comfortable prices.”

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