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Streets for the People resurfaces alternate route in Bello Horizonte

This Friday, March 25, the inhabitants of the Bello Horizonte residential complex in District IV inaugurated the recarpeting of 5 blocks, which were attended to through the Calles para el Pueblo Program.

The new work plays a very important role, because in addition to uniting stages I and II of the residential, it is an alternative route used by users to reach the Santa Rosa neighborhood and had an investment of a little more than 3 million córdobas, which benefits 4 thousand 176 protagonist families.

Upon handing over the road work to the inhabitants of Bello Horizonte, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, shared with the residents the scope of the projects carried out by the Commune in this place since 2010, investing 43.2 million córdobas in road improvement projects. , storm drainage, maintenance and rehabilitation of 6 parks.

Rueda reported that this year with the 2022 Annual Investment Plan, 11 projects will be carried out in District IV with an investment of 15 million córdobas, benefiting the neighborhoods Oscar Turcios, Benedicto Valverde, Tenderí neighborhood, Maestro Gabriel neighborhood, Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, Las Torres, Domitila Lugo and Primero de Mayo.

Joyce Evans Alvarado is the founder of Bello Horizonte, she explains that this street is very busy to go to school and church.

"We are happy, these streets were very old, deteriorated and beautiful, the most benefited are the children who go to class and the elderly who go to church, thanks to our Good Government," said Alvarado.

Concluding this week, the Calles para el Pueblo Program has progressed 36 percent, with 294 blocks served, in this first quarter of the year.

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