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Decent Housing Program builds an emergency home for an elderly mother in the Hugo Chávez neighborhood

The Decent Housing Program benefited the protagonist Julia Rivera Martínez, 77, who lives in the Hugo Chávez neighborhood. The delivery of the Rivera family's new home was made in commemoration of the 42nd anniversary of the National Literacy Crusade.

Doña Julia, accompanied by her children and neighbors, received her new home, number 70 being built in this neighborhood, at a cultural gala enlivened with children's activities.

Rivera is one of the founders of that populous neighborhood in the capital, where more than 8 thousand people live. The protagonist for more than 21 years faced the ravages of nature, a situation that deteriorated her previous home, which put the safety of her entire family at risk.

“I am happy, the Sandinista Revolution has come to transform the lives of many families, including ours, before I had an old house, the water seeped through the roof and from the bottom and several times our belongings were damaged as a result. Despite that, however, today we are happy and grateful to God and the President for this beautiful gift,” said the protagonist.

During the delivery, the Secretary of the Council of Managua, compañera Jennifer Porras López, shared with the inhabitants the scope of the work that the commune has been carrying out, in this neighborhood, which has 60 percent of its streets lined, at the same time she reported that will invest 24 million córdobas in 19 projects in District VI, through this year's annual Investment Plan.

“Today the 42nd Anniversary of Literacy is celebrated, we continue to honor all our heroes and martyrs who offered their lives so that today we live in peace, our protagonist in 1980 lost a 17-year-old son, thanks to all our heroes and martyrs Today our government can work to bring a new street, a new park to each neighborhood, region or community, and in the case of Doña Julia, today she has a new home where she will live in peace and security,” said Porras.

The Capital District has been working in this neighborhood since 2013 to improve and transform the lives of its inhabitants. To date, more than 40 million córdobas have been invested in the construction of the road network, storm and sanitary drainage.

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