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Mercado Mayoreo will offer seasonal products at solidarity prices this weekend

The merchants of the Mayoreo market will offer this weekend all the products and seasonal items at solidarity prices, to the families of the capital who will make their purchases to supply the home.

During a tour of this wholesale center, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, together with the Merchants' Association, confirmed the supply of all typical summer products and items at promotional prices.

The authorities detailed that currently this market has 5 access points, either to enter or exit, in addition to the entrance, improvements are made in the infrastructure of two warehouses and very soon visitors will be able to circulate in totally new streets, which will benefit buyers. and merchants.

"We are fulfilling the commitment we made with the merchants and with the families that daily visit our markets, promoting and maintaining solidarity prices with fresh products, we have brought prosperity through the policies of our Good Government headed by Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario, meeting the needs and creating a safer and cleaner environment through the projects we carry out in our markets”, shared Rueda.

The official explained that in Mayoreo works are being carried out simultaneously to improve the infrastructure of two important warehouses and the road improvement of 11 blocks of streets that are deteriorated, which will be covered in the coming days.

Zoraida Salazar has been working for 15 years in the Mayoreo selling fruits and vegetables. As a merchant, she explains the organized work between COMMEMA authorities and merchants to guarantee security in this market.

“We invite all families to come to this shopping center where they will find excellent prices, in addition to buying favorably, they will be able to enjoy a clean space, a lot of security, because we have organized surveillance so that people can buy in peace of mind and now it is better because we have 5 points where they will be able to enter the market when before we only had one”.

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