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Older adult enjoys her new home in the Georgino Andrade neighborhood

Mrs. Ofelia del Socorro Martínez García felt happy and blessed, because as of this Wednesday, March 16, she will live safely and peacefully in her new home, which was built by the Decent Housing Program promoted by the Sandinista Government through the Municipality.

The new protagonist is an older adult, 81 years old and has lived in the Georgino Andrade neighborhood of District VII for three decades, in the company of her son, who is her only support, "I thank God, Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario Murillo, who has fulfilled me, who has helped me, I did not expect it, only in a dream and when I saw that it was true, I was happy, very happy”, expressed Doña Ofelia.

Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, highlighted that the family of Doña Ofelia Martínez spent years in vulnerable conditions and is now the 17th beneficiary of the emblematic love program, which restored the rights of the same number of families in this neighborhood. capital, which has more than 11 thousand inhabitants.

“In this way we are complying with all those investments that we are approving in the Mayor's Office of Managua for the social transformation of families. Through this housing program we have the challenge of building more houses every day, this year we expect to build approximately 300, however the demand is high, but we are fulfilling it annually, each time our political teams and our delegations manage to identify the vulnerability in the neighborhoods”, said Porras.

He also shared that this capital neighborhood has also been the protagonist of many changes with the execution of road improvements, construction of concrete fords and for this year, significant investments will continue to be made in District VII with an investment of 30 million cordobas, to develop 19 projects in different neighborhoods and in Calles para el Pueblo, work will be carried out in 7 sectors, which will allow the improvement of road infrastructure, with an amount that amounts to 19 million cordobas.

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