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Barrio Santa Ana Sur receives 4 totally new blocks

More than 1,500 families from the Santa Ana Sur neighborhood of District II and surrounding sectors celebrate that it already has paved streets. A project that the Good Government through the Citizen Power Mayor's Office executed to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants, with excellent vehicular and pedestrian access.

This work, which improved 4 blocks through asphalt coating, is part of the emblematic Calles para el Pueblo 2022 Program and had an investment cost of 800,000 cordobas.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, reported that this work for the common good is an alternate route for three schools in the community, "the demands of the families are a priority of Commander Daniel and the Vice President Compañera Rosario Murillo, every year we serve more of 100 neighborhoods and for this year we have reflected in our Investment Plan to attend to 833 blocks, but we always overachieve, thank God for the concern and opportunity of our Good Government to improve the living conditions of families”, he referred.

Similarly, the mayor of the capital announced that from 2011 to date, the Sandinista Government has been meeting the demands of the Santa Ana Sur neighborhood, with a significant investment, greater than 24 million córdobas destined for road improvement, storm drainage and the construction of 37 decent homes, for the same number of families who lived at risk in this area.

“We are receiving 4 new blocks that benefit the entire population, especially the educational community because we have a school and it guarantees peace of mind, safety for parents and children, these are promises that the government has been fulfilling and this is He calls it Pueblo Presidente, to the new streets, to the benefits that they are giving us every day and therefore we have to have confidence, faith above all in God who has given us a Good Government to move forward”, said the resident Danelia Artola.

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