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Candelaria Market with a new collection center and great summer discounts

In order to improve the work environment of merchants and offer a safe and clean environment to buyers, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power in coordination with the Municipal Corporation of Markets of Managua (COMMEMA), delivered a collection center for solid waste in the Leonel Antonio Gutiérrez Téllez Market, better known as the Virgen de Candelaria Market.

The new infrastructure had an investment cost of 200,000 córdobas, measures 8 meters long by 1.5 meters wide and has the capacity to store approximately 12 plastic barrels of waste, which this shopping center generates daily. those who will be evacuated once a day, 7 days a week.

During the visit to this market, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, shared that this year the Virgen de Candelaria market will celebrate its 55th anniversary, currently has almost 200 sections and has benefited from the improvement of the roof, the construction of a warehouse and the change of gutters to make Candelaria a more attractive market for buyers, consistent with the Good Government model of maintaining a clean and healthy environment for all.

Freddy Casco, General Manager of COMMEMA highlighted that for this year 16 infrastructure projects will be carried out in the 8 markets of Managua with an investment of almost 80 million cordobas.

“At this time, a number of streets are being built through Calles para el Pueblo in the Oriental and Mayoreo markets that will allow the creation of other access conditions, more warehouses and collection centers will be built according to the needs of each market, we will also invest in sanitary sewage, painting, patching and other projects that we are ready to execute in 2022, so that there are more beautiful, more humane, supportive, orderly and safe markets for families”.

At the conclusion of the inauguration ceremony, the municipal authorities and the merchants called on families to visit the markets, where they will find swimsuits, shorts, slippers, a variety of fruits from the summer season, basic grains, perishables at affordable prices. and the gastronomy of Lent.

“We invite you to take advantage of the offers, we are going to serve you like kings, here at Gloria Varieties and Jack Beauty Room we offer you swimsuits for all ages at prices ranging from 100 to 250 cordobas, slippers from 80 cordobas We are waiting for you with excellent service, with royalties and with a 15 percent discount”, said the merchant Gloria Enríquez.

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