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Two families from the Santa Ana Sur neighborhood blessed with their new solidarity homes

The protagonists Xóchitl Ulloa Mendoza and Aura del Rosario Castillo, along with their families, benefited from the Decent Housing Program, in the Santa Ana Sur neighborhood of District II. Both families lived for more than 40 years in a critical social situation, because their houses were extremely deteriorated by the passage of time and on the verge of collapsing.

Upon handing over the new homes, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales explained that in this area of the neighborhood the emblematic program has built 3 houses for the same number of families, thanks to the political will of the Good Government.

“It is a very exciting afternoon, very sunny and very beautiful, we are delivering a couple of decent homes to two families who today receive the solidarity of Commander Daniel, from compañera Rosario and from the people of Nicaragua, they are two families who had their little houses about to collapse, families with elderly friends who were in a critical situation and who from today begin to sleep and live peacefully, not to worry about the torrential downpours”, commented the mayor of the capital.

 Likewise, Armas informed the inhabitants of the community that this year the Municipality will improve the road network of the Santa Ana Sur neighborhood, since it is one of the main demands of the residents.

The protagonist María de la Paz Mendoza Ocampo thanked God and Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario, because she already has her decent home.

“We thank them for this privilege they have given us, because in reality the house was no longer useful; Only God our Lord Jesus Christ kept us going, because He is our Rock and because of Him our house did not fall,” she said excitedly when she saw the keys to her house in her hands.

For her part, the protagonist Aura del Rosario Castillo expressed that she now feels calmer with her decent home, thanks to God's blessing and good government.

“We know that we had very difficult times when we had our little house almost in the air; We knew that we needed that change and God is great that he put the President in his heart so that he would benefit us with this house”.

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