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Municipal academies pay tribute to the 170th anniversary of the Capital

This Saturday, March 5, the 13 municipal sports academies, accompanied by the technical staff of coaches, sports promoters and psychologists, paid tribute to the 170th anniversary of the appointment of the city of Managua, as the Capital of the Republic of Nicaragua, in the Amphitheater of the park Luis Alfonso Velasquez Flores.

More than 400 athletes celebrated with sports exhibitions and parades the 170 uninterrupted years of being the capital of the Leal Villa de Santiago.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, highlighted the participation of children and youth in promoting sports.

“400 athletes from the different academies are present, 13 academies exactly; We are with a wonderful parade celebrating those 170th anniversary of prosperity, progress, transformations in each of our spaces such as sports, until last year we had 1,200 athletes today we have 2,400 that we are monitoring and supporting.

Ruedas also highlighted the fundamental accompaniment and trust of parents, with unconditional support so that their sons and daughters are integrated into the sports academies of the Managua Mayor's Office.

 Comrade Noel González, Director of Sports, expressed that they are very happy because sports have grown in the capital.

"A few years ago we did not have academies, today there are 13 in different sports disciplines and the young people of these academies are already part of national teams and have awarded medals and that is part of our commitment as Sports Directorate, to continue contributing young people to all the national teams for the next Central American games”.

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