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Barrio Blanca Segovia has all its paved streets

Families from the Blanca Segovia neighborhood celebrate the paving of 2 new blocks in their community, completing the total number of paved streets in this sector of the capital, which had an investment of 1,600,000 córdobas; work that makes more than 157 families protagonists of change, who will now live in better conditions.

The beneficiary population received this work for the common good in an atmosphere of joy, family and community; who also thanked God and the Government of the President People for the projects it executes for the benefit of Nicaraguans.

Luis Umaña, a resident of this neighborhood, who said that the Sandinista Government fulfilled this community, which for years had hoped to see progress with its new streets.

Likewise, Mrs. María Lastenia Castro referred, who was satisfied with the work, because before walking through these streets was like walking on a dry river, something that now only remained in the memory.

This road improvement was delivered by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who expressed his commitment to continue improving the living conditions of capital families through progress works.

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