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Thirteenth edition of the Festival Flavors of Lent

In the Oriental market, the thirteenth edition of the municipal gastronomic contest "Flavors of Lent" was held, with the participation of food merchants from the 8 markets of Managua, who presented the delicious traditional dishes of the Easter season.

The first place winner of this municipal contest was the merchant Reyna María Orozco Castillo, with the dish Tortas de Sardina from the Oriental market; second place went to Elio Ismael Juárez Jirón from the Israel Lewites market with the traditional Marinera Soup and third place went to Moisés Sánchez Blandón from the Roberto Huembes market, with the steamed fish dish.

As part of the prizes for the winners, 9,000 córdobas were awarded in cash prizes: 4,000 córdobas for first place, 3,000 córdobas for second place, and 2,000 córdobas for third place.

This gastronomic event takes place as part of the rescue and conservation of Nicaraguan traditions. Among the traditional cuisine dishes presented were Cheese Soup, Sardine Cakes, Rice with Gaspar, Crab Soup, Fried Fish, Seafood Soups and Seafood Cocktails.

Flavors of Lent is organized at the national level, from the Mayor's Offices of the Citizen Power of Managua, in coordination with the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), the Ministry of Family, Community, Cooperative and Associative Economy (MEFCCA).

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