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The First Division Women's Volleyball National Championship continues

On the afternoon of Saturday, February 19, the First Division Women's Volleyball League was held, in its second edition, with a total of 7 participating teams, as announced by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales.

“This is the continuation of the National First Division Women's Volleyball Championship, one of the favorite sports of Nicaraguans, mainly Women's Volleyball, is on an excellent upturn, it has great support from Commander Daniel and the Mayor's Offices. of the different municipalities and is experiencing one of its best years, in the last quarter of a century”, expressed the mayor of the capital.

Armas highlighted the enthusiasm of the volleyball girls, who once again demonstrate their skills and abilities on the courts of the Sports Center Spain, where Las Leonas de Managua played, who were crowned champions in the first edition of the tournament held last year and that today defend the title against the Jaguares of the UAM.

He recalled that this year 2022 there will be Central American Games and the athletes of the different sports disciplines must remain in constant activity and in this intense rhythm of tournaments, "mainly those that bring us medals, women's volleyball and men's volleyball, are always in the fight for the main medals in Central American events”, he commented.

Swan Mendoza, a volleyball player from the Leonas team, stressed that these types of tournaments are important because they open recreation spaces for young people, "I think that as long as we keep sports active, young people will have no choice but to train, to do healthy things and not allow yourself to go down the wrong paths”, stressed the player.

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