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Discounts and promotions on fruits and vegetables in the Roberto Huembes market

The Roberto Huembes Market merchants will hold a festival of promotions and discounts on fruits and vegetables for this summer season and Lent, during this weekend, as announced by the municipal authorities, during the weekly visit to the capital's markets.

During the tour this Friday, February 18, comrade Jennifer Porras, Secretary of the Managua Council, reported that the Huembes market has more than 3,000 sections and that allows it to serve the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, she also invited the families of Managua that they approach the vegetable and fruit sector, where they will find the products to make syrup and other seasonal dishes, as well as for the preparation of traditional cheese and seafood soups.

"This year we are going to develop different works in the Roberto Huembes market, which come to improve the conditions of the merchants and also of the buyers, in the vegetable sector we are going to reactivate the gutters to improve the drainage, so that at the time in winter the currents do not affect both those who visit and those who work in this part, we are also going to change the domes of the central nave and we are going to waterproof the roof, in this market we are going to invest 5 million córdobas in different projects”, Porras shared.

Freddy Casco, Director of the Managua Municipal Market Corporation (COMMEMA), announced that this year investments will be made in this market to improve the working conditions of merchants, "we have been working from the Market Association, planning with our own funds of this market, thanks to the rental fee paid by merchants”.

Merchant Martha Lorena Jarquín Velásquez stated that vegetable sales have been good this week.

“I offer what is potato, tomato, onion, chiltoma, carrot, I have celery, lettuce, mint, cilantro, yucca, corn, chilote, everything that goes into a soup, we are determined to maintain favorable prices, promotions, offers and affordable prices for the pockets of the families who visit us”.

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