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Families from the Waspán Norte neighborhood receive 4 covered blocks

A new road improvement project arrived this Thursday, February 17, to the families of the Waspán Norte neighborhood of District VI of Managua, with the asphalt coating of 4 blocks that will directly benefit 5,069 inhabitants of this sector, which included with an investment of more than 1 million córdobas.

This work was inaugurated by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who stated that the new streets will contribute to improving the living conditions of the neighborhood and its surroundings, guaranteeing a passable and accessible road network.

"Happy because the residents joyfully receive these streets that the Government of Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario has built, they are part of the Calles para el Pueblo Program, which this year expects to build more than 800 streets in Managua," Armas stressed.

From 2010 to date, more than 24 million córdobas have been invested in this neighborhood in projects for the common good and with the emblematic Decent Housing Program, a total of 9 homes have been built in this same sector benefiting equal number of families, who live in this part of the capital

“We give thanks to our Good Government, for all the benefits that have come. These streets were pure mud, the children could not get through, but thanks to God, the committees and those who have supported the miracle of the streets was made,” said the protagonist Verónica Romero Delgadillo.

Likewise, Lucinio Rivas expressed who valued the streets as very beautiful, because the children will now be able to play in another, cleaner and safer environment.

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