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Capital Commune rehabilitates 46 bus stops in the 7 Districts

On the morning of this Thursday, February 17, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, supervised the progress in the repair work of the bus stops in the capital, as part of the Project for the Improvement and Maintenance of these public spaces.

During the visit, the Mayor explained that this project plans to provide maintenance to 46 of the 174 existing bus stops in Managua, with an investment of 5 million cordobas.

"These stops have come to improve the conditions of the brothers and sisters, especially those who use public transport in our municipality, but also in the rainy season, for the brothers who walk in wheelchairs, on crutches or auxiliary means, as well as with the attention of the brothers who have these ventures inside, they are in charge of taking care of these spaces”, reported Rueda.

For their part, the protagonists thanked the effort made by the Sandinista Government to dignify the lives of Nicaraguan families.

"I think it's great that they repair these places, because they become more attractive and the population feels safe. I have been selling sweets in this place for 3 years and I am grateful to the Mayor's Office, because it has allowed me to earn my food with this work" said Mr. Elías Armando Huerta, a self-employed merchant.

The Municipality is enabling 5 bus stops in District 1. In District 2 there are 6. In District 3 there are 8. In District 4 they are working on the qualification of 7. District 5 they are working on 8, in District 6 there are 7 and in District 7 5 bus stops are being enabled, so the capital authorities called on the population to maintain the care and cleanliness of them, depositing garbage in its place, to guarantee better health conditions.

As part of the plan, the repair of damaged infrastructure and painting in general is contemplated.

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