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Renovation of the Roberto Herrera Community Park in Altamira

In support and promotion of sports and healthy recreation, in young people, children and adolescents, the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power of Managua carried out the rehabilitation of the Roberto Herrera community park, in the Bosques de Altamira residential area of District I.

The work was handed over to the community by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who expressed the commitment of the Government of the President Town to continue improving recreation and leisure spaces, for the enjoyment of families.

Rueda announced that the rehabilitation of this park consisted of the repair and installation of benches, drinking fountains and children's games, as well as the general painting of the entire infrastructure; This work for the common good had an investment of 300,000 córdobas and directly benefits 3,725 inhabitants of this area of the capital.

Likewise, he explained that for this year 2022, the Municipality will serve 171 community parks in the 7 districts of the capital. For their part, the leading families were satisfied with the new recreational space.

"We feel very happy and grateful to our Government, our Mayor for this very good and magnificent work for our children, young people, adolescents to recreate ourselves in a healthy way," said Mrs. Ana Dolores García.

Similarly, the protagonist Angélica González referred, who on behalf of the young people of the sector thanked the improvement of the park.

“This opens up the opportunity for us to have a more beautiful recreation space, where you feel like sharing a moment with your family.”

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