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Disabled mother fulfills her dream of having a new house

With great joy and victorious hopes, Mrs. María de los Ángeles Téllez González, 48 years old, received the blessing of having a new home, where she will live with her husband and daughter, safe and comfortable.

Doña María de los Ángeles Téllez González, who is a person with disabilities, has lived in the Francisco Salazar neighborhood of District V for more than two decades and during this time she never lost hope of seeing her house rebuilt. “I feel happy and blessed , my house was already a bit deteriorated, it was made of zinc, of rules and we got wet in winter time, but with this blessing that they gave us we are going to move forward and live a better life, thanks to the Sandinista Government, which is the only one that knows remember the poor I feel happy”, said the beneficiary.

This new house was built through the Decent Housing Program promoted by Good Government through the Municipality, to guarantee the well-being of families who for years have lived in conditions of social and critical emergency.

Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Council of Managua, made a formal delivery and announced that for 12 years, since the emblematic program arrived in the neighborhood, the housing infrastructure has been changed for 21 families, including today's protagonist María de los Angels.

“The Sandinista Government is a government where there is revolution, there is evolution, there is change and it is to bring that love and solidarity that characterizes our Government, to all the militancy that is always at the forefront, because thanks to the structures of our neighborhoods it allows us to reach to more families that really need it,” said Porras.

Similarly, the municipal official shared about the changes that the Francisco Salazar neighborhood has had since 2009, where more than 39 million córdobas have been invested for the execution of 10 projects, focused on road improvement, construction of ramps , works of pluvial drainage, water and sanitation, among others.

He also mentioned that throughout this year, through the Annual Investment Plan (PIA), 30 million córdobas will be invested in District V, which will be developed in road infrastructure and mitigation works in 19 projects.

Through the Calles para el Pueblo 2022 Program, 19 million córdobas will be allocated for the improvement of 38-block roads, benefiting 10 neighborhoods in this same district.

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