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Successful completion of the Environmental Education Project for the Protection of Lake Xolotlán

The Mayor's Office of Managua held the forum "Environmental Education for the Protection of Lake Xolotlán", in which it shared the scope and achievements of the pilot project known as the Floating School.

Different institutions participated in this project, among them: EMTRIDES, MINED, Empresa Nacional Portuaria and the General Directorate of Environment and Urbanism of the Municipality, with the aim of developing an educational campaign for environmental awareness with primary school students, so that they are players and defenders of the environment in their environment.

This meeting was the final part of the pilot project, which lasted 6 months, with a Japanese methodology known as Floating School, was supported by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and was held in 2021. and aimed to protect Lake Xolotlán.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, explained that the selected schools were San Sebastián and Solidaridad, located near the lake and thanks to the results of the project, this year the same methodology will be applied in 4 schools.

"We are finishing a project that, thank God, was very successful, thanks to inter-institutional work and the support of JICA, our goal was to awaken and promote environmental awareness in these children, who at the same time are promoters and defenders of the lake in their schools, in their homes and in their neighborhoods, until everyone practices the correct handling of solid waste to protect the lake from contamination,” said Rueda.

The Floating School made it possible to raise the levels of environmental awareness in 200 fifth grade children, about the proper management of solid waste and the impact it has on Lake Xolotlán.

Mr. Hajime Takasago, JICA Representative in Nicaragua highlighted that this project promoted environmental education through floating classrooms, promoting respect and love for nature, "it was a pleasure to support the development of these floating classrooms, where the children learned up close the beauty of the lake and the importance of water resources”.

The results of the project were presented this Monday, February 7, at the Japan-Nicaragua Friendship Park and among its scope is the training of 200 students, 88 environmental brigade members, plus the holding of two fairs and the installation of more than 300 garbage cans. along Paseo Xolotlán and Puerto Salvador Allende.

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