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Launch of the music video “Managua is Linda, Linda as it is”

Paying tribute to the 170th anniversary of Managua being elevated to Capital of the Republic, the Managua Mayor's Office launched the music video "Managua es Linda, Linda como es", in the auditorium of Paseo Xolotlán, this Saturday, February 5.

“Today has been an intense day, a very satisfying day, we are very proud of Managua's birthday, another year of celebration, we are on the 170th anniversary of Managua being elevated to Capital of the Republic of Nicaragua, our cultural heritage is inexhaustible, really the talent there is, we are seeing it in the launch of the song and video Managua is beautiful, beautiful as it is and today we are making it known for the first time”, said the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

At the time of the presentation of this musical piece, which was performed by the Liberarte group, the video was shown with the images of the metropolitan, cosmopolitan, inclusive, green and multicultural city that Managuans proudly have today.

The mayor of the capital also highlighted that on this day of celebration, a photographic gallery of before and after Managua was presented, Managua being a city now illuminated, full of life, creativity and with opportunities for all.

The commemorative event was enlivened by the musical group Los Clarineros, the Jilinjoche Folkloric ballet and a fair for entrepreneurs, who exhibited their products, talent, creativity and Nicaraguan art.

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